I always liked to bake. When I was a kid, I was always baking cookies, or experimenting with baking something. Then I grew up, fell in love and got married to a man with celiac disease. I stopped baking for awhile, and resorted to gluten free mixes when I wanted to make something. We had a child, my Sweet Bee, and she’s gluten free too. Then my husband made another switch – he stopped eating grains altogether. I really missed my baking, and plus I wanted my Bee to enjoy some of the goodies I’d always loved, especially when it was holiday time or birthday time. So, I’m back to baking and experimenting in the kitchen, this time using almond flour, coconut flour, beans, and other stuff I never would have dreamed of using back when I was a kid in my parents’ kitchen. I’m using different ingredients, but I still have the same standards for taste. Who cares what’s in it, if it’s not good?


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